Communication Strategies of Governments and NGOs

عنوان فارسی: راهبردهای ارتباطی دولت و سازمان های مردم نهاد
پدیدآور : Manuel Adolphsen
ناشر : Springer
مفاهیم : سازمان های مردم نهاد
رشته : علوم مدیریت و مطالعات سازمان ها , علوم سیاسی و سیاست گذاری عمومی

Processes of global governance are mostly invisible to ordinary citizens, due to an overall lack of accompanying transnational public discourse. However, there are exceptional occasions on which media around the world do pay attention to global governance: high-level summits, such as the UN climate change conferences. Through a detailed case study of UN climate summits, Manuel Adolphsen investigates the transnational communication strategies and behind-the-scenes coordination processes that prominent governments and NGOs carry out on such occasions. His research reveals political actors’ conscious use of summits as public diplomacy resources as well as the prevalence of on-site coproduction routines among journalists and PR professionals. Summits feature complex public diplomacy constellations interweaving transnational, international, and also solely domestic processes.